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RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY II-41 AXE Enters into Partnership with Energizer to Launch AXE Razor in the US II-41 Laser Shaving Commences Construction of Razor Blades Facility in India II-41 RazorsDirect.Com Inks Partnership Agreement with PACE Shave II-41 Super-Max Personal Care Introduces New Distribution Strategy II-41 Energizer Acquires ASR II-41 King of Shaves Collaborates with Spectrum Brands II-42 6. FOCUS ON SELECT GLOBAL PLAYERS II-43 BIC Group (France) II-43 Energizer Holdings Inc. (US) II-43 The Personna American Safety Razor Company (US) II-43 Wilkinson Sword Ltd. (UK) II-44 Feintechnik Gmbh Eisfeld (Germany) II-44 HeadBlade Inc. (US) II-45 Kai Industries Co. Ltd. (Japan) II-45 The King of Shaves Company Ltd. (UK) II-45 Malhotra Shaving Products (P) Ltd. (India) II-46 Ningbo Jiali Plastics Co. Ltd. (China) II-46 Samah Razor Blades Industries Ltd.
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2 Top Rated Panasonic Electric Shavers For Men With Sensitive Skin Are Featured At

Photo Credit electric shaver 1 image by percent from Those who have sensitive skin prefer foil electric shavers rather than rotary models. A foil shaver generally provides a closer shave than a rotary shaver and doesn’t pull hairs out as rotary models sometimes can. For those with extremely sensitive skin, consider a wet/dry shaver that will allow you to use a shaving gel or cream when shaving, decreasing irritation. Look for a shaver that is able to lift or straighten hairs without pulling them. However, if you don’t like to shave often and tend to let your hair grow longer, then consider a rotary shaver, which handles longer hairs better. Other considerations when purchasing an electric shaver include the ease of cleaning, the noise level of the shaver and other accessories like a pop-up trimmer or LED light. These features matter less when it comes to the sensitivity of your skin, but will matter in your overall comfort with your purchase. Common Pitfalls The most common mistake made when purchasing an electric shaver for sensitive skin is not giving your skin adequate time to get used to the shaver. Most shavers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Take advantage of it. Give yourself a week or two to get used to the shaver.
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PRODUCT INNOVATIONS AND INTRODUCTIONS Braun Launches CoolTec Electric ShaverHitachi Unveils Two Electric ShaversPanasonic Introduces Arc3 ES-SL41 Blade Shaver in JapanPhilips Norelco Introduces New Range of PowerTouch ShaversBraun Launches 7 790CC Pulsonic ShaversPanasonic Introduces Lamdash 5-Blade Shower Shaver SeriesWestinghouse Appliances India Introduces Novel Grooming ProductsBraun Launches Series 5 All-Terrain Electric ShaverRoyal Philips Unveils SensoTouch 3D Electric ShaverRoyal Philips Launches RQ1180 SensoTouch 2D ShaverPanasonic Launches Arc5 5-Blade Electric ShaversRoyal Philips Introduces AquaTouch and PowerTouch Electric ShaversPhilips Introduces Lady Shavers and Gentle EpilatorsPhilips Introduces Philips India Styling Kit for MenBraun Launches Advanced Series 7 ShaversProcter and Gamble Unveils New Facial Hair TrimmerPanasonic to Unveil Mutely-Flex ES-LA63-S Wet/Dry ShaverPanasonic Launches ES-RW30S and ES-RT51S Mens ShaversNorelco Incorporates Flex & Pivot Technology in 1059X Arcitec Mens Electric ShaverPhilips and Nivea for Men Launch Philips NIVEA FOR MEN Shaver6. RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY P&G Licenses Braun Branded Products Manufacturing to De’LonghiPanasonic Eyes Indian Grooming and Beauty MarketPhilips Electronics Deploys Future-Ready Assembly LineKing of Shaves Signs Multi-Year Distribution Agreement with Spectrum BrandsProcter & Gamble Acquires ZirhProcter & Gamble Purchases The Art of Shaving7. FOCUS ON SELECT GLOBAL PLAYERS Conair Corporation (US)BaByliss (UK)Helen of Troy Limited (US)Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. (The Netherlands)Panasonic Corporation (Japan)The Procter & Gamble Company (USA)The Gillette Company (US)Braun GmbH (Germany)Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (US)Remington Products Company (US)Wahl Clipper Corporation (US)8. GLOBAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE III. Market 1. The United States 2. Canada 3.
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The report profiles 37 companies including many key and niche players such as Conair Corporation, BaByliss, Helen of Troy Limited, Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., Panasonic Corporation, The Procter & Gamble Company, The Gillette Company, Braun GmbH, Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc., Remington Products Company, and Wahl Clipper Corporation. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs. I. INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & PRODUCT DEFINITIONS Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1Disclaimers I-2Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3 II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW II-1Electric Shavers: Convenient, Efficient and Safe II-1Recession in Retrospect and the Road Ahead II-2Competitive Scenario in the Electric Shavers Market II-3Expanding Global Presence: A Key Strategy for SustainingBusiness II-3Philips Norelco: Sustaining Leadership II-4Braun Electric Shavers: An Innovative Journey II-5Leading Men Electric Shaver Brands II-6Panasonic ES-LV81 K II-6Braun Series 7790cc II-6Phillips Norelco SensoTouch 3D II-6Panasonic ES-LA93K II-6Braun 3 Series 340S-4 II-7Leading Women Electric Shaver Brands II-7 2. ELECTRIC SHAVERS: PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-28Electric Shavers: A Brief History II-28Definition II-28Classification of Electric Shavers II-28Rotary and Foil Head Shaving Systems II-28Dry and Wet Razors II-29On the Basis on Power Source II-29Electric Shavers for Men and Women II-29Electric Shavers for Men – Key Features II-29Cutting Systems II-29Shaver Heads II-29Additional Features II-29Maintenance II-30Electric Shavers for Women II-30Cutting Systems II-30Epilators II-30Advantages and Disadvantages Associated with Electric Shavers II-31 5.
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( EMAILWIRE.COM , November 15, 2013 ) London, UK — have recently been looking at some of the best electric shavers for men with sensitive skin, ie those that cause the least irritation, and have recommended two in particular that seem to be the most effective right now in 2013. According to this blog post , the Panasonic ES8243A and the Panasonic ES8109S electric razors are both soft on the skin, but still manage to provide a really close shave. The ES8109S is the more expensive of the two, but they both have 13,000 RPM motors, putting them amongst the fastest in the industry, and both provide a clean shaving experience with no irritation, according to many of the customer reviews. Furthermore these two shavers can both be used dry or wet and are fully waterproof, which means that anyone who is strapped for time in the mornings, for example, can take them into the shower if they so wish. Both of these products are the top recommendations at the present time, but also featured on this page are lots more shavers that are also said to be suitable for men with sensitive skin. This selection of electric razors includes a few other Panasonic shavers, as well as some recommended products from the Philips Norelco range, which are specifically designed to be soft on the skin, whilst still delivering a clean, irritation-free shaving experience. “Many people have posted positive reviews about both the Philips Norelco razors and many of the leading Panasonic shavers that are currently available in 2013, and if you read some of the men’s forums, for instance, it is these shavers that are often recommended for sensitive skin, which is partly why we have recommended them in this latest article,” said an spokesman. Anyone that would like to read more about the Panasonic ES8243A and ES8109S electric razors, and indeed all the other products that are considered to be the best for sensitive skin, can do so by visiting:
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